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Lamborghini Aventador all made up of solid gold!

07/10/2016 13:24:57
Lamborghini Aventador all made up of solid gold!
Meet the custom model of Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 gold plated, it contains 25 kg of this precious metal and goes from 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds.

Don't we love supercars? I guess many of us really do, especially when it comes to some unique models, no one else can have. In Dubai supercars are very common, and it takes much more than a Lamborghini to surprise people around. In case you didn't know yet Lamborghini has a new record-breaking model, made out of gold and gems, which is sure to turn heads. The price for this beauty starts up at $7.5 million.



Precious metals and gemstones on the car are valued at $2.64 million. The custom model of the Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4, crafted at a scale of 1:8 by RGE Robert Gulpen Engineering in Germany, is making its first appearance outside of Europe. It was labeled as the world's most expensive model car. For all the powerful car lowers we wanted to say that the car has a V12 engine under its hood and produces 700 bhp that goes from 0-100km/h in only 2.9 seconds. Carved out of 500 kg block of solid gold, the model contains 25 kg of the precious metal.


Only by seeing the pictured we have easily realized how great this model is, but what does the owner of this vehicles of this driving jewelry think? Even for Dubai this car seems very special, but at the same time it's price is motivated and fair.

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