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First Karma-based Destino is already here!

06/09/2016 14:36:53
First Karma-based Destino is already here!
For how long have you been waiting for this first Destino? The waiting is over, the model is already here and it looks amazing!

For how long have you been waiting for this new model? What kind of expectations have you had till now? This Destino could have been just a great idea of Bob Lutz, the one he was dreaming of for a whole life, but hey, everything starts with an idea right? One day you just get tired of dreaming and realize it's time to do something in order to achieve what I want, that's exactly what happened to him in January. Dreams become real when you work on it, Lutz, Karma, Gilbert Villarreal and Henriki Fisker met up together to form VLF, this was the second step to a new discovery. After just a few months Lutz officially announced about the first Destino coming on its way.



You might not remember that already but Fisker Karma had some troubles back in 2013, ending up in a foreign-ownership purgatory after the Fisker Automotive outfit hit financial troubles in 2013. Exactly on the same time the Destino rumors started flying. The company that builds the model has changed it names by now and was relaunched while the destino idea has evolved. The model will come with a GM LS9 supercharged V8, which is known better as the engine at the heart of the C6 ZR1, driving the rear wheels.



You need to know that not everyone will be able to purchase this “super-toy” since its price isn't really affordable, the starting price is up to $229.000 but you can't deny it really does deserve to be highly appreciated, and our waiting wasn't pointless.



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